This 24 Image Blueprint Is actually a representation of the “21 Facial Expression`s” research done by Professor Aleix M. Martinez at Ohio State University back in 2014.

This Piece updates EVERY HOUR over the 24 Hour Cycle With a Different Emotion!

I have a particular interested in this as I have difficulty recognizing basic facial expressions (and emotions) due to ADHD and CPTSD so I found that creating these artworks, and especially using Ai to do so, is extremely interesting and I love the results.

Not being able to regulate my own emotions sometimes means I can go through a lot of these emotions in a single day and being able to express myself through these artworks helps me get closer to understanding these emotions and myself.

Its a life long journey and one I am happy to be taking (although it gets a bit rough sometimes, especially for my loved ones) and slowly figuring out (after 50 years on the planet) what makes me tick in the way I tick specifically.

Doing the work to learn about emotions and how to understand/regulate and enjoy them is allowing me to perhaps understand other people a bit better and also allows me to get closer to those I Love and Cherish and Ai has allowed me to achieve this with the greatest amount of pleasure. This is singularly the most important benefit to me from working on myself.

I almost have a synchronicity with the Ai as you can see in the images, some of them are quite clearly what they are supposed to be, others not so much, maybe just but not quite, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the artworks, live a beautiful, soulful life, be compassionate and kind but most importantly love yourself for who you are, you are unique and worth Loving.

If you would Like To see the piece on Async Please Click HERE!