As we move ever closer to a world where Ai of all aspects will not only be common but Prevalent, we should learn to recognize the differing faces we see and except them for who (or what) they are.

I am a great believer that Ai will help us all become better Humans, in every aspect of our lives, be it Education, Artistic endeavours, Problem Solving or even our Day-to-Day lifestyles.

I for one am looking forward to the day where I can interact with all manner of Ai and learn and impart knowledge.

I am particularly excited about the use of Ai in Art as this has been a lifelong dream since I was a child. Now, that Child has returned after 35 years, and I have Ai to think for that.

And now having the ability to pair it up with music I produced especially for these images and this topic is simply something I would never have thought possible, I LOVE IT!!

My life is immeasurably better for the introduction of Ai art, and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity it has given me to create these great Artworks and share them with you.

Expect lots more from me in the Future and expect it to get more and more advanced and more experimental both in the Art and the Music.

To Check out the Blueprint and hear the Music Go HERE!


Blueprint Details

Max Editions – 100

Minting Price – 0.035 ETH

Legendary Editions – 1

Unique Combo Count – 4,687,500

Dimensions – 1024x1024px

Audio Length – 1:16

Contract Details

Blueprint Title – Reality Processing Ai

Token Standard – ERC-721

Blockchain – Ethereum

Machatter as The Madhatter