100 Positive Midjourneys

Midjournney is an Ai-Art Application that allows you to add text prompts and create beautiful artworks.
Having Used this for some time I saw that a lot of the work being done was pretty dark (which I dont mind and have done myself) and depressing so I decided to ask MidJourney 100 Positive questions.

The questions where in the form of РMidJourney <Positive Word or Phrase>.  If you hover of the Artworks you will see the words I used to get the results.
I came to some conclusions (Just for fun) regarding how Midjourney “Sees” itself (It is Ai After All) and it seems to me it sees itself as “Female” although it is very dependent on the words used. (Compare Tender to Suave) I also believe “She/It” has a sense of Humour and likes to “Smile.”

I also recognize a “Spiritual” sense in a lot of the results and think MJ has a spiritual side!
All in all it was fun to do and its great to see how the Ai interprets mainly “Concepts” compared to “Things.”
I hope you enjoy them, If you have any questions please get in touch through the CONTACT PAGE.