MacHatter (Mark Gray)

This is my Story!

Hey there, thanks for visiting my site! A little about me, yup that`s me with the glasses on, up there, trying to look good 🙂

AiArt is my thing (Along with Programmable Art and Music Production) and I am so grateful to have found it.

Many years ago (35 plus) I tried to teach myself to draw but with no support
and only books to go by from the Library (yup I am old enough to remember those!)
I didn`t get very far and finally got frustrated and gave up.

Now fast-Forward 35 years and I was lucky enough to find NightCafe Studio.
This WEB based app has allowed me to get the images
in my head (some of them at least)
out onto a Digital Canvas and spark that innate and hidden Artist once more.

Currently to date I have created over 10`000 pieces some of which I am showing here
and others have yet to be made public.
(Not all of these are in Nightcafe, I also use Midjourney, Google Collab Notebooks, Dalle-2)
Its such a therapeutic delight to be able to create in this fashion, it both
tickles my Tech head brain and my artistic side.

Ai-Art really does allow me to deal with stress, anger and many other emotional issues
I struggle with daily due to having
CPTSD and ADHD (Both Diagnosed within the last 3 years).

I am of the hope that my website can be viewed by many people just for the love of the art and even,
hopefully, as a teaching tool (Check out the videos page) and also somewhere
to connect with the wider Art community.

I would also love to collaborate with ANYONE who would like to do so
in either of my Artistic ventures (Music, Ai-Art, Programmable Art)
so please do get in touch if you would like to collaborate with me!

As a side note I just want to mention that I do try to make some income
from my Art however this is not the driving force
that pushes me to move forward but if you would like to contribute to that just
check out the art and the shop elsewhere on the site.

I hope you enjoy the site and return here often as I will be
creating FREE artworks that anyone can download and
do with as they wish EVERY DAY.

Be Loved, Give Love, Be Happy, Be Joyous and Most Importantly
Have Fun and Love Yourself For Who You Are!